How to Write Your Own H.I.I.T Workout

Monday, February 20, 2017

What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The basic concept being to alternate low to moderate intensity exercises (aerobic) with high intensity (anaerobic) exercises to burn fat while increasing endurance. Never heard of aerobic vs anaerobic exercises? No worries, keep reading! 

Anaerobic (literal meaning: without oxygen) exercises are those high intensity that are done with short, powerful bursts of energy, such as sprinting or high speed jump roping (more examples below). Increasing our anaerobic endurance is great for runners, or anyone trying to get their exercise endurance up! Here's a basic summary of why: The build up of lactic acid is what causes muscle fatigue and cramps. The greater our anaerobic endurance, the longer we can fight off that lactic acid build up. That means longer, more intense workouts and more burned fat!! 

Aerobic (literal meaning: with oxygen) exercises are those in low to moderate intensity that you are able to do for a longer period of time, such as walking or jogging (more examples below). This is your basic, steady state cardio--great for your heart and also for your endurance! Building up your aerobic endurance helps with long distance cardio (running, biking, swimming, etc.) as well as longer lasting weight training workouts. In HIIT circuits, however, aerobic exercises are used to "catch your breath", or even out your breathing before starting another high intensity exercise. 

Okay, now that you have the lingo down, its time for the nitty gritty of this blog post...the reason you clicked on this link in the first place :) Remember, go at your own pace. You are competing with no one but yourself! Build your foundation, and go up from there. If you are new to HIIT or exercising in general, start out with 2 of each type (4 total), for 2 rounds and slowly work your way up. If you are consistent, the fat WILL go down and your endurance WILL go up! Use this easy-to-follow guide to create your own HIIT workout!

Don't forget, every other exercise should be max effort, followed by a recovery exercise. 

What combinations can you come up with??

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