So I hurt me knee...

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram (@dogtalesandbarbells) you probably know that I injured my knee on Sunday evening playing in a coed soccer league. Contact was made to the inside of my knee when my foot was planted, causing it to twist. I heard a pop and a crunch and immediately fell to the ground in pain :( my teammates had to carry me off the field (thanks guys!) which is the first time that has happened in my 16+ years of playing competitive sports. Those of you who are close to me or have been following my blog for awhile, know that back in September I was having knee issues (same knee), had an MRI done and found out I have a benign meniscal cyst. I had a surgery scheduled, but then life happened. I moved back home and my knee wasn't bothering me anymore so I honestly just forgot about it. My fiancé reminded me a couple times to go get the surgery done, but I ignored him and then this happened. Anyways, I went to the ER Sunday night, where they gave me an immobilizer, crutches and a referral to an orthopedist. 

The immobilizer, and Cricket being super bored with my inability to play fetch.

Yesterday (Monday) I went to the orthopedist, where he examined my knee, but it was swollen, and I held back and was tense because of the pain so he was not able to get a thorough physical exam. He doesn't think I tore my ACL or MCL and to take off the immobilizer, use my crutches and start trying to utilize my knee (basically, quit babying it!), and come back in a week. I can't put too much body weight on it without it buckling, I can't bend it past 90 degrees, or twist at all without some serious pain and swelling. So for now, I'm icing, resting, elevating, and using my crutches.

I spent a lot of time over the past two days hating my body for doing this to me. I felt so scared and helpless. I put all of this time into my body, why is it going against me? What if it is my ACL? What if I can never squat heavy again? What if I have to crutch down the aisle? Why did I take a coed soccer game so seriously and injure myself?? Injuries only happen to the weak, right?! WRONG. I keep reminding myself of all the famous athletes that have gotten injured, and that since I am healthy and strong, I will have a quick recovery. No matter what the circumstances are. I will listen to my body, just as I always have. 

If I went to the gym and didn't take a selfie, did I actually go to the gym?
I ordered this shirt last week (getoffyours) and although its a silly Mean Girls quote, it really motivated me today! What are limits?! I don't have any :) (well actually, right now I do because I can't use my leg, but you get the point!) Even though I can't do any lower body workouts, I can still push myself by focusing on my upper body. So, that being said, I sucked it up and went to the gym today. It took a lot of convincing, but after repeating to myself, "mind over matter", I sucked up my pride and crutched myself into the gym and had an awesome shoulder and light bicep workout (completely sitting). I told myself, "these people aren't staring at me because I'm on crutches and thinking, 'what the hell is she doing here?',  they're thinking, 'damn, she's dedicated. She's on crutches and she's still at the gym'". And maybe they were all thinking I shouldn't be there and maybe they were judging me, but I DON'T CARE! I know what is best for me, not them! Going to the gym today was the best thing for my mental health. It reminded myself how strong I am, physically and mentally. Maybe I can motivate someone to step up and push themselves out of their comfort zone. 

My workout from today:
Warm up: shoulder rotations (10 forward, 10 backwards, each arm)

I superset-ed (not a word lol) all of the following with 10 reps of alternating curls at 15lbs:
Arnold press 3 x 8
Shoulder press 3 x 10
DB "standing"{or sitting in my case} upright rows 3 x 8 
Hammer curls 3 x 10
Rear delt flyes 3 x 10
One-arm DB row to shoulder press 3 x 10

Superset 4 x 12
Hammer raises with lateral raises
Bicep curls {increasing weight}
1 x 12, 10, 8, 6

What's your excuse? 



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