Knee update & a big THANK YOU

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I went back to the doctors yesterday, and he was able to get a better physical exam since the swelling has gone down. He says there are NO TORN LIGAMENTS!! This is awesome news, but I still have no answers about what actually happened that day on the soccer field. For now, I am going to take it easy and listen to my body. I biked yesterday at a low resistance with very minimal pain! Day by day, I will start adding more exercises to my daily routine so that I can be back where I was before the injury :) I am feeling stronger than ever. On the inside and out.

I also wanted to give a shoutout to all my new followers and especially my new and potential  CLIENTS! Y'all have no idea how much it means to me to be chosen as an inspiration and to help other attain their fitness and nutrition goals. As you know, I am very passionate about this lifestyle. I am SO excited to finally have people who are as passionate or aspire to be as passionate as I am about a life full of health and longevity <3

I am grateful for every single one of you.



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