Guilt-free Vacationing

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As you can see from my tan, I spent a lot of time in the sun and not in the gym over the past 5 days :) Playa del Carmen, you treated me well. 

Non-flexing, no filter added comparison of the first day of vacation, to the last day.

Yea, I might have lost some tone in my tummy, but I feel GREAT! Not bloated, guilty or disappointed, and I absolutely did not restrict myself! I definitely have my metabolism to thank for keeping my physique. I have worked a lot over the past few months counting my macros, increasing protein intake, decreasing fat intake and eating A LOT. It was this foundation that allowed me to indulge a little--you know, eat all the potatoes and tiramisu ;) and not feel bad about myself at the end of the day. 

Without further adieu, here are my suggestions for enjoying your vacation, guilt-free and happily! 
  1. Drink a lot of water! especially if you're out in the sun and drinking alcohol. Alternate water with alcohol, or of you're feeling crazy two waters between each cocktail! And as I always say, drink a glass of water before each meal. We SO often mistake hunger for thirst! This will help you keep your appetite under control. I can't even begin to explain the importance of drinking water! TIP: squeeze a fresh lime in there or pack some no calorie water sweeteners. 
  2. Bring snacks! You don't want to get stuck in the hotel, hungry while others are getting ready for dinner! At least I don't. I brought a whole pack of quest bars...still not sure if that was legal but whatever. Which brings me to...
  3. Eat frequently! I'm used to eating like every two hours. Seriously. My mom says I'm like feeding an infant because I'm always hungry. We were in an all inclusive resort, so this was easy for me. But I understand that otherwise, it would be expensive so that's where the quest bars come in handy! This applies for everyday, but you should also not let yourself get to the point of "omg I'm starving, I need to eat everything ASAP". This often leads to overeating and unhealthy choices. And is not good for your metabolism, but we'll get to that another day. 
  4. Make conscious food choices! ... but don't restrict yourself. If you're in a new country you should definitely be trying all the good foods. But, if you're not used to eating fried foods, you probably shouldn't start while on vacation--you don't want to feel like crap later (speaking from experience lol). There are usually really yummy, healthy, options in every restaurant. I had a lot of steamed fish and shrimp as well as lots of fresh fruits. Oh yea and dessert :) 
  5. Walk the extra 'mile'! Don't be stationary, explore! Do some paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, whatever it might be. Unfortunately I didn't have these options, but would've done it all if I could've! I understand that these activities can also be added costs, so how about a nice long walk on the beach?? That's free! Or swimming in the pool and challenging yourself to tread water as long as possible? Just keep moving! I walked on the beach, swam and even went to the resort gym. However, I didn't make the gym a priority. I only went once out of the 4 days we were there (while my mom was getting a massage *insert annoyed emoji* lol), and did a small circuit workout in my room another day.  
All of that being said, there are things I would have done differently. Like not drinking before 10 am. And drinking more water! It wasn't easy in Mexico because you have to drink bottled water and the ones they give you are little baby ones, so i found myself asking for water like every 20 minutes. And overeating. Buffets. Everywhere. How could I not try it all?? However, I did make a point to get a lot of protein and less carbs..and save room for dessert ;) All excuses aside, I could have done better but I'm not gonna harp on that. Because I know that 20 years from now when I look back at this trip, I'm going to think about the quality time spent with my mom before I get married, the friends I made and the gorgeous views. Not that extra shot(s) of tequila I shouldn't have had or the gym hours that I missed :)  

Now it's time to get back on track and on a schedule.

Live it up!


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