Friday, February 06, 2015

Okay, okay...I've been super bad about keeping up with blogging :( I am going to make a serious effort to post more workouts and recipes in the coming months, now that I have officially moved back home. 

Here is what I did today:

Warm up: 5 minutes on incline treadmill. I had it on a 12% incline and I walked for 2 minutes, ran for 1 minute, sprinted for 30 seconds and sped-walked for the remainder of the 5 minutes. 


2. Cable kick backs 3 x 10 {each leg}**
3. SUPERSET 3 x 10
4. SUPERSET 3 x10 
5. Glute kickback machine 4 x 10

**It is important to note that whenever you are doing a single-leg exercise, your hips should be perpendicular to the grounded leg. 


1. Cable crunches 3 x 15
2. CIRCUIT x 3
  • 1 set incline ab 15's {see video here of demonstration from previous blog--scroll to bottom}
  • 25 incline Russian twists
  • 20 plank push ups {10 each side}

As always, when doing a new exercise, start with a low weight and work on FORM first. 

I may have been MIA from the blogging world, but I was still working on my best self :) YAY for progress! 


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