Sunday CARDIO and how you can optimize fat burning!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

...Grey was a bad choice, but HOW BOUT THEM SKINS?!! 41-10 victory over the Jaguars! I celebrated by doing one hour of biking varying from levels 10-15, and here's where that got me:

...12.46 miles in 60 minutes. See how far you can go in one hour!!

After taking a day off from the gym yesterday I was feeling pretty motivated to burn off some energy! Unfortunately I didn't get there until about 9 because I was plastered to my couch watching football :) Fortunately, I MADE it and my endorphins level is heightened and I have the energy to write this post! I've heard a lot of people say that there is no way they can do one hour of cardio because they "don't have the attention span", or they just "get plain bored". My best friend and roomie recommended that I read Divergent, so I downloaded it on my iPad and read it while biking today and I found that it really helped me take my focus off of the screen! Otherwise I use this as my motivation to keep on keepin' on:

FUN FACT: it takes at least 20 minutes of high intensity cardio/exercise for your body to start burning fat! Here is a VERY simplified version of why this is, anatomically: The contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers is driven by the breakdown of the energy source adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is created by the Krebs cycle. One of the determining factors of fat burning is the delivery of fatty acids to an active muscle. Once they have reached the muscle, the fatty acids must then be converted into acetyl-CoA (starts Krebs) via beta oxidation, before they can enter the Krebs Cycle and generate ATP. This whole process takes about 20-30 minutes after exercise initiation. So, the longer you do your cardio (after 20 minutes), the more fat you will burn! How about that for some motivation?!

(hey mom, I actually learned something in my 4 years of undergrad!!)


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