Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Good news! No tears to my meniscus!! I have a meniscal cyst that can be taken out in a 20 minute, outpatient, arthroscopic surgery. I have it scheduled for October 2nd and there is a 1-2 week recovery period. In the mean time, biking will have to do! Yesterday (9/22/2014) I beat my record of how far I can bike in 1 hour! Thank you Netflix for the new episodes of New Girl! 
Apparently I was a little shaky afterwards...sorry for the low quality pic! I was excited to have just biked for 14 miles! :)

Anyways, I hurt my shoulder playing tennis (lol) on Sunday so decided to give my arms a rest and just do cardio and little ab circuit. Here's what I did:

1. Hanging leg raises 3 x 10 

2. Crunches 3 x 25

3. Penguins 3 x 40

4. SUPERSET 3 x 25
Toe touches w/ plate (10 lbs) 
Russian twists w/ plate (10 lbs)
       {or you can use a medicine ball--for either exercise!}

5. Plank circuit
WITH plate on the back (10 lbs):
1:00 min plank
:45 sec plank
:30 sec plank
WITHOUT plate:
:30 sec plank
:45 sec plank
1:00 min plank

NOTE: do not put weight on your back if it corrupts your form. Always make sure your body makes a straight line. If putting weight on your back makes you sink, take it off and try in a few weeks! 

Taken on 9/23/2014, the day after the above exercise and after a protein-packed breakfast! 

Time to take this crazy animal for a run!! Stay posted for my new shoulder workout later today :)


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