Wednesday, September 10, 2014

After a rainy 4 days, it was hard to get out of bed this morning! It took some pre-workout motivation to get moving to the gym. I worked chest and triceps after a good 45 minute cardio session. My personal favorite at the moment: incline treadmill. I hurt my knee almost 2 months ago (Bursitis) and have been going to physical therapy and will be getting an MRI this Friday. So, until we figure out what exactly is wrong I'm taking it lightly! Anyways, here's what you're here for. Chest and triceps:

CARDIO: treadmill at 12% incline at 2.5 speed for 45 min- 1 hr

Warmup: push ups (wide and regular) & light weight lateral raises. 

1. Incline DB chest press (12.5 lb) 4 x 12

2. Decline BB chest press (30 lb) 4 x 12

3. Flat bench DB flyes (10 lbs) 3 x 15

4. Chest press machine 3 x 12, 10, 8 {heavier each set}

5. Tricep dips on bench {or assisted} 3 x 10

6. DB kickbacks (7.5 lbs)  3 x 15 {each arm}

7.  Skull crushers w/ bent bar aka incline BB tricep extension (20 lb) 4 x 12

8. Cable pull downs w/ rope 3 x 12, 10, 8 {heavier each set}

Links to videos for your convenience:
Flat bench dumbbell flyes:

Dumbbell kickbacks:

Skullcrushers w/ EZ bar:

Cable pulldowns w/ rope:

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