Cardio, Biceps & Abs...oh my!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I started off my day with 45 minutes on the stationary bike on level 12, and then returned to the gym later in the day to hit biceps with my roomie (blog here)


I'm starting to really see my obliques!! And am definitely seeing some growth in my arms. Anyways, here's what I did today:

45 minutes on stationary bike on level 12

{I always forget to mention to stretch before and after make sure you STRETCH before and after cardio :P}

Warm up: lightweight curls (12.5 lbs)

1. Bicep 15's w/ straight bar (20 lbs) 3 sets

Spider curls 4 x 12
Bicep 15's (we did these for as long as the other was completing their spider curls. If doing alone, do 1 set between each set of spider curls)

3. Zottoman curls 4 x 12

4. Reverse curls 4 x 12

Videos (here)

1. SUPERSET 3 x 10
Hanging leg raises
Leg ups

2. Decline ab 15's {same concept as bicep 15's. Go down 1/3 way 5x, 1/2 5x and all the way 5x} 5 sets

3. Decline Russian twists with plate (10 lbs) 3 x 25

4. Push up plank variation 2 x 15

5. 30 sec right plank

6. 30 sec left plank


UPDATED 9/23: here's a video of me demonstrating 2 sets of decline AB 15's. {thank you, Alex, for be my awkward videographer}

Thank ya'll so much for your support, it means a lot to mean and I am so glad to help and any way! Please ask questions!!!

& here is a picture of Cricket in her Fall sweater <3


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